Modifying the Skinny  Muffin

Skinny Muffin Alteration - Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss
As so many of you in the Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss Plan know, there’re a lot of challenges, and there’s quite a commitment necessary to implement the changes we want to see with weight loss – and not all of them are easy!

The foundation of the Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Plan is to reduce our carbohydrate intake by counting only the sugar calories in food, using the book The 100, by Jorge Cruise as a guide.

I find this to be a great guide and way to begin, by giving us direction in modifying our food choices and manner of eating, however it’s not completely suited for everyone. So, in our suggestions, I work on finding modifications that may suit my individual client’s needs and tastes.

Customizing the Plan

One sticking point I’ve personally had is the very popular Skinny Muffin (

GREAT IDEA, this muffin! It gives us a feeling of fullness, the feeling like you’re eating carbs, but you aren’t, and we get protein and energy… except I DID NOT LIKE IT!

So, I’ve gone about finding a way to make it work for me, and still fulfill my needs and wants.

Firstly, I don’t like flax seed alone. I knew this going in, but tried it that way, just to check. Nope… to me it tasted like sawdust with some oil. Also, I am among the people who can not stand the taste of Stevia!

I’ve come up with my first viable solution. Thought I’d share.

So, I’ve replaced the ground flax with Almond Flour. Still a grainier texture than processed flour, but for me, a pleasant taste, with zero sugar calories (carbs).

For the sweetener, I’ve replaced Stevia with Lakanto Monk Fruit Sweetener – YUM! Okay – I’m loving this stuff. Tastes like sugar to me, but zero sugar calories! I do add 1.5 teaspoons though. I needed more sweetness.

Both of these helped a lot, but not enough. I felt like I was eating as “homework” instead of being able to take the time to enjoy my food. So, today, I added a handful of blueberries! YAY!!! It was a bit grainier than a regular blueberry muffin, but VERY TASTY! And Blueberries are listed in the book as having 43 sugar calories for 1/2 cup. I figure my handful is about 2 Tablespoons, so about 6 sugar calories!

Next, I’m going to try coconut flour. Maybe cut up strawberries (all berries are very low sugar calories!)

It’s All Flexible!

I’m relating this so that you also know – the Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Plan is not rigid. With the ideas and concepts in mind, we can modify any eating plan to suit our preferences, or even our medical needs (eg: replace the coconut oil with another). The idea is to find a way to stick with it, without feeling like you’re doing this as a “job”, but rather a way to work on your self-care and improve your life.


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