Hypnotherapy PricingAll of our first-time clients are provided a FREE preliminary phone consultation of approximately 20 minutes to determine your needs and how hypnotherapy may help you to implement the change you wish to see.


Note: during COVID-19 Safer at Home, the vast majority of our sessions are offered via secure, private online interface. We do offer appointments at your location, on an extremely limited basis (conditionally available and additional cost).

What to Expect in a Session

All session plans are highly individualized or customized to our client’s needs. Please contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION, to determine how we can help you achieve your goals.

First Session: is our longest session. Approximately 90-120 minutes, during which time we explain the foundation of hypnotherapy, and do some assessments to determine and clarify which methods and modalities will be most appropriate for our beginning together. This is a great time for you to ask questions, as we build a rapport and do our first hypnotic induction – getting your body and mind used to how hypnosis works and feels.

Standard Session: Subsequent “Standard” sessions are usually one hour (although some sessions may go longer). In these sessions, we assess your progress and determine what’s necessary to further achieve your results. Each of these sessions consist of therapeutic conversation, and then a hypnosis session to get past your conscious filters and enable action at the subconscious level. (see https://finetunedmindhypnotherapy.com/about-hypnotherapy)

Coaching Session:  Often, clients want to connect to simply talk out issues we discuss during our regular sessions, or to just get input and support on new developments in their lives. This session does not include hypnosis.

Package pricing will become available. If you have a specific need, please contact us to determine accommodations.