Interested in Hypnotherapy for Pain Management?

I don’t often recommend any one person, program, resource directly, as I like to offer a variety of options for my clients – and will always endeavor to do so. But I find that sometimes, my life brings me something I MUST SHARE, when I feel it’s such a wonderful fit.

My very longtime friend, David Schechter, M.D., Board Certified Sports Medicine/Family Medicine Physician with a credential in Pain Medicine practicing via Tele-Health, and with an office in Culver City, CA.

Dr. Schechter is a wonderful resource for my clients who require pain management. Not only does he have many years of experience, he studied directly with Dr. John Sarno, a pioneer in mind/body medicine, who famously connected emotion’s significant impact to pain, and coined the term Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS), on which my own Pain Management work is based! (

Not only does Dr. Schechter provide personal medical support, but I strongly recommend his books for my clients, for support and background regarding our hypnotherapy Pain Management sessions.

THINK AWAY YOUR PAIN – Which presents a revolutionary approach to relieve suffering and eliminate chronic pain. In this user-friendly clearly written book, you will learn how chronic pain becomes a condition of the brain as much as the body. Think Away Your Pain shows you how to use the immense power of your thoughts and beliefs to literally change the neural circuitry of your brain. (description from Amazon)

THE MINDBODY WORKBOOKThis Workbook offers the reader a thirty-day structured journal to identify and heal from psychological issues that may be causing back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, tension headaches, TMJ, and other disorders. (description from Amazon)

THE MINDBODY WORKBOOK FOR TEENSThis is a Workbook for teens that offers structured journaling– writing in response to questions that inquire about feelings and experiences. Expressive writing has been shown in research studies to have health benefits. (description from Amazon)

UNDERSTANDING AND HEALING FROM TMS: DIAGNOSIS, TREATMENT, PSYCHOLOGYTMS is a way of understanding and treating pain that focuses on the psychological rather than the structural or chemical. The book attempts to explain that mind-body connection, clarify who is a candidate for this approach, and detail the relevant psychology of the condition. The treatment for TMS is education and psychological insight, hence the emphasis on educational materials in this field. (description from Amazon)

All of his books are available (along with valuable information) at

He also offers insight on his facebook pages:

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