Certified Hypnotherapist - Smoking Cessation


FINALLY! I’ve been successfully helping clients quit smoking for some time now, using the techniques I learned in this course. But I finally sat down and took the quiz (sometimes, the administrative part just takes time). I am now officially a Certified Specialist for Smoking Cessation!

I have been a permanent ex-smoker for almost 29 years (January 31st, 1993 – but, who’s counting! 🙂 ). Back then, I WISH I knew what I know now, and WISH I had someone to guide me through it and provide support to my subconscious! It would have been so much easier!

I can help you quit! If you smoke, you KNOW you need to quit – but there are SO many reasons we give ourselves to keep smoking. Let me help you. Not smoking really is WAY better. 😀 


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